Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Abby and the Catfish

Me and my brother took his oldest, Abby, out today on a little fishing trip. We had a blast right from the start. Abby was super stoked to get out and go fishing with her daddy and Uncle Johnny.......after all her school work was done of course. We went out to Saddle Creek and stopped by the bait shop there. Me and my brother did alittle reminiscing about us going in there with our dad so many times as kids. The smell of a bait shop is something that will never leave your memory. Crickets chirping, Aerators running, and of course some really old guy sitting behind the counter with a cigarette hanging out the side of his mouth, who seemed like he would be the grumpiest guy ever but was always super nice to you. I love those days.   Anyways, We got out there with our 100 crickets and got to work. Bob couldn't resist putting a worm on for a second and it sure enough paid off! He snagged a nice size bass and Abby couldnt believe how big it was. She was happy for dad, but she had her own fish to catch. She was so persistent and was focused on fishing the whole time we were out. We pulled up next to an old dock and started to fish it, Abby told us she wanted to try fishing without a bobber so we took it off and let her go on fishing. Not 1 minute later shes yellin "I got one!"  Reeling as fast as her little hand could, she fought it all the way to the boat. She held her little channel catfish up with so much pride while I snapped a photo. We caught a few little brim and then headed in for the day. I had such a blast with that little girl and my brother. Im sure she'll be asking soon enough to go back out, and ill have a definite "yes" for her every time.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On the Fly

So Ive been prepping with my buddy Cannon for my first real fly fishing adventure in May. Me and my wife Destiny are going to join Cannon and his family on their yearly vacation to a cabin they go to in North Carolina and im super pumped about it. Ive always been drawn to fly fishing ever since I saw A River Runs Through It years ago, but have never pursued it. I feel like im already in love with it without ever even going. Fly fishing has always held a nostalgic place in my mind and i cant wait to get out there and experience it. Big thanks to Cannon for giving me an outlet to do something Ive always wanted to, and I couldn't think of a better guy to experience it with. We went out to a local hole and had a couple beginner lessons fly fishing for bluegill. I loved it and cant wait to get knee deep in some creek and catch my first trout! My phone died halfway through our trip so of course there are some stolen photos taken by Cannon. Check out his blog at www.floridaduckdays,blogspot.com

Gheenoe "Duck Slayer" Project

So I purchased myself a lil Gheenoe that im slowly transforming into a duck slaying machine/flats boat. Ive got a long list of things i want to do to it and im slowly getting there. So i figured id document the transformation on here. It had a 18hp outboard on it, which i sold and bought a 20hp Kohler Longtail BogHog mudmotor. Alittle tweaking was required but Ive got her running pretty good now. I had to redo my trailer to fit the Gheenoe also. I had to put in a removable seat for the back so i could steer the motor. Put some running lights, fog light and patched some soft spots in it and its lookin pretty good. Still want to wrap it in camo,install a grab bar and also make some kind of removeable blind for it. Ill be keeping yall posted on the progress.

Here Fishy Fishy

Went fishing today with my good bud Joe and his son Nolan. We pulled an all-dayer and had a blast. Nolan has been out a couple times with us and he's getting to be quite the little fisherman. His favorite thing to do is say "here fishy fishy" while he swings his pole around trying to hook his dad and me at the same time. We had a good time out on the water and then headed in for some pizza at a local shop. There wasnt a soul in the place, but Nolan kept saying "We're having a pizza party!"  That we were! After pizza, it was nap time for the lil fella so me and Joe went out to try and catch some bass. Not too much luck, Joe hooked a yearling. Wasnt much, but we hadnt been out freshwater fishing in a good while so it was still fun to get one in the boat. We headed in feeling pretty good about the whole day, then we had a little accident that involved backing up the trailer and the brakes going out in my truck at the same time. not pretty. We bent it back and headed home. Looks like we have a "trailer repair day" in store for us. Busted trailer or not, it was a great day that ill remember for a long time. Its very rewarding to see the excitement in Nolans eyes when he knows he's going fishin with Uncle Johnny. Cant wait to take that lil guy on his first duck hunt!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reds and BB Guns

Went out to a little "lagoon" a couple weeks ago with good buds Cannon and Joe to try and get on some Reds. We had a blast camping, fishing, and shooting BB guns. Nothing beats catching a fish and eating it the same day. Had some good laughs and ate to our hearts desire. some photos stolen from Van C Kirby.....as usual.