Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Collage

So i didnt start my blog till late in the season so i figured id post a couple pics of my hunts through out the season. I didnt get alot of ducks this season, but enough to keep me comin back for more, and time out on the water with friends is priceless. some pics (the good ones) were taken by Cannon. Enjoy.

Dinner for Four

Me, Cannon, and Joe went out snipe hunting since duck season is over and we still wanted get out and hunt. We had a great time. We ran around shooting at snipe all day. Me and joe got our first snipe. we ended the day with quite a few and sore legs to prove it.  Exhausted as we were, we managed to stumble into a local barbeque place and ate and drank to our hearts desire. Great hunt logged.

Sun Up, Sun Down

Me and my buddy Cannon went out this morning on our last duck hunt to try and shoot some ringers. Little did we know that we'd be spending the whole day out on the water ,literally, THE WHOLE DAY. We hunted from sunrise to sunset, knowing it would be our last hunt of the season, it didnt seem like to much of a burden to soak up every little bit we could before it was over. It ended with an unforgettable sunset. I was packing everything up on the ride in when Cannon stopped me and said, "We'll do that later, Lets enjoy this ride in." Im glad i stopped cause it was really a good time to sit and reflect on the past season and the ones to come. Thanks for the first and last hunt of my first season brother.

A post I have to do....

This is a post i dont want to do but to keep a true and accurate account of my adventures, i feel i must. This hunt sucked! This hunt involved 2 people, 1 limit, and 1 skunked.

Bowdens and Greenes

Me and my good bud phil went out to see if we could get on any ringers today. We had a good spot picked out from a previous hunt but when we got there we got the cold reminder that, Yes, there are other people duck hunting besides us. We pulled up to our spot only to get shined by a fellow hunter that had set up very close to where we wanted to be. Being the good sportsmen we are, we gave a wave and headed out to find a different spot. After hearing about so many buttholes that have gotten in to duck hunting that ruin the   camaraderie that waterfowling is all about, it felt good to be one of the "good guys". We had alot of laughs and ended up with 2 ringers and one cripple that got away. This was phils last duck hunt for the season and it was good to end it on a "Bowden and Greene" note. Thanks for a good hunt brother!