Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gheenoe "Duck Slayer" Project

So I purchased myself a lil Gheenoe that im slowly transforming into a duck slaying machine/flats boat. Ive got a long list of things i want to do to it and im slowly getting there. So i figured id document the transformation on here. It had a 18hp outboard on it, which i sold and bought a 20hp Kohler Longtail BogHog mudmotor. Alittle tweaking was required but Ive got her running pretty good now. I had to redo my trailer to fit the Gheenoe also. I had to put in a removable seat for the back so i could steer the motor. Put some running lights, fog light and patched some soft spots in it and its lookin pretty good. Still want to wrap it in camo,install a grab bar and also make some kind of removeable blind for it. Ill be keeping yall posted on the progress.

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