Thursday, January 19, 2012

3 Men and a Duck Boat 01/17/12

This Tuesday, we went to Lake Toho to put our new found skills and knowledge of duck hunting to the test. I was accompanied by my two good friends Phil and Joe. All three of us have been going out duck hunting this season with our friend Cannon, who is a seasoned duck hunter and a very good mentor. Btw, check out his blog at Sharing his wealth of knowledge of duck hunting has been extremely valuable and is much appreciated by all of us. Anyways, this was the first time we would be going out without him, and needless to say it was a scary thought. Cannon had given me a few lessons on using his mudmotor and with all the information he had given me, i felt we would do alright. We left town with plenty of time to spare just in case we ran into an obstacles. We made it out to a spot we had previously been and got set up. We saw lots of ducks that were flying high at first light and we were getting pretty pumped just watching them fly. By the end of the day, there were a few that should have made it to our dinner plates, but we managed to put one hen ringer in the boat. That one duck definantly lifted our spirits though. No one really cared who shot it, It was one for Team Rookies! Ill always remember this hunt. I felt like Dignan in Bottlerocket when he said..."We really did it, Didnt we.......".  Once again, I would like to thank Cannon for sharing something with us that will last a lifetime. It's safe to say we will all be back next season, and many more, to slay some ducks!