Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Abby and the Catfish

Me and my brother took his oldest, Abby, out today on a little fishing trip. We had a blast right from the start. Abby was super stoked to get out and go fishing with her daddy and Uncle Johnny.......after all her school work was done of course. We went out to Saddle Creek and stopped by the bait shop there. Me and my brother did alittle reminiscing about us going in there with our dad so many times as kids. The smell of a bait shop is something that will never leave your memory. Crickets chirping, Aerators running, and of course some really old guy sitting behind the counter with a cigarette hanging out the side of his mouth, who seemed like he would be the grumpiest guy ever but was always super nice to you. I love those days.   Anyways, We got out there with our 100 crickets and got to work. Bob couldn't resist putting a worm on for a second and it sure enough paid off! He snagged a nice size bass and Abby couldnt believe how big it was. She was happy for dad, but she had her own fish to catch. She was so persistent and was focused on fishing the whole time we were out. We pulled up next to an old dock and started to fish it, Abby told us she wanted to try fishing without a bobber so we took it off and let her go on fishing. Not 1 minute later shes yellin "I got one!"  Reeling as fast as her little hand could, she fought it all the way to the boat. She held her little channel catfish up with so much pride while I snapped a photo. We caught a few little brim and then headed in for the day. I had such a blast with that little girl and my brother. Im sure she'll be asking soon enough to go back out, and ill have a definite "yes" for her every time.

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